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DISA Industries offers now eWON modules as an option on their new machines

DISA Industries A/S, based in Herley (Denmark) produce PLC controlled molding machines, with cutting-edge technology, for the world’s finest foundries.

DISA was established in 1900 and is today the world’s leading supplier of foundry equipment and related projects. The Group ensures a worldwide presence with factories, sales & service offices on three continents and with an extensive network of agents. DISA Foundry is today among the world leaders in advanced foundry solutions.
We use eWON today, as an option, for fixing issues or installing patches from remote, as well as for monitoring 
Nils Assarsson
DISA Industries


The company is always looking for optimal solutions to meet its customer needs, both economically and technically. The company takes advantage of the latest technology and is thus shaping the future of its partner companies.

The solution

To keep improving customer support and services, the company turned to remote access technologies and made the choice to use the eWON technology for its simplicity and its completeness. « Disa Industries A/S offer now eWON modules as an option on their new machines », says Jakob Pal Holck.

As a result, the service engineers do not fly anymore, not as much as they did in the past, to service the machines installed at customer sites worldwide. More and more the possible issues are solved from the company’s headquarter office, in Herley, thanks to an eWON router and a remote access across Internet.

eWON solution

The eWON solution is composed of hardware, the actual eWON router, installed in the machine and connected to the PLC, and a service on Internet, called Talk2M. eWON uses Internet to provide remote access to controllers and machine networks worldwide.

The eWON service connects to a server with a secure VPN connection, across Internet. The service engineer does the same, using the Talk2M client software on a PC. Then, when both connections are established, the engineer selects an eWON to connect to, the server connects the two VPN tunnels together and runs the traffic between them.