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Data center in Yemen stays cool with eWON Netbiter

By using Netbiter Remote Management, Yemen-based system integrator Inpro For Importing has built a system which keeps track of air-conditioning equipment for one of the major Telecom companies in the country.
Netbiter saves both time and operating cost for our clients.
Osama A. Nasher, General Manager
InPro for Importing


Inpro For Importing is a Yemen-based system integrator providing customers with solutions for remote monitoring of mechanical equipment.

One of their customers wanted to make sure they had 24/7 control of the temperature and humidity in their data center – a large server park which is mostly unmanned. More specifically, they needed to monitor two air conditioning units from Gea Denco.

Controlling the AC units is a pCO3 controller from Carel which controls the temperature and humidity in the data center room.

Although the AC equipment is very reliable, the data center is still unmanned most of the time meaning that it can be difficult to know if something happens to it, or if the temperatures in the data center actually are on par with the programmed values. This is where Netbiter comes in.



How it works

A Netbiter gateway is connected to the pCO3 controller via the RS485 interface. The Netbiter sends data from the controller via the cellular network to the Netbiter Argos web service. By logging into Netbiter Argos, Inpro For Importing can see current values such as temperatures, humidity, operating hours etc. 

Since the Netbiter solution comes with a ready-made GUI, In Pro for Importing can easily set up graphical dashboards which show current values in an intuitive way.
It is also possible to get alarms whenever temperatures reach certain levels. A very useful function as the data center is often unmanned.

The end customer can also log into Netbiter Argos at www.netbiter.net where they can view all parameters online. They can view trends over time and download statistics on equipment behavior.



The results

Netbiter has given Inpro For Importing a secure and easy way to gather information from their customers’sites, and also allow them to log in to view values themselves. This substantially reduces the service efforts on the data center.