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Connected milk!

Wapnö farm keeps an eye on temperatures and milk levels via the internet.

It may be a little while before every cow at Wapnö farm is connected to the internet, but the milking process already is. Here is how one of the biggest dairy farms in Sweden has realized the Internet of Things with the help of eWON Netbiter.

We have not overfilled a single tank since we installed the Netbiter system.
Jörgen Johansson, Farm Manager


Wapnö is one of the major dairy farms in Southern Sweden with more than 1300 cows and 2000 calfs. The milking process in such a big farm needs to be closely monitored and supervised to make sure that the milk tanks, with a whopping capacity of 30,000 liters, are filled, emptied and cleaned correctly.

Keeping track of cooling

The milk comes in from the milking carousel at a temperature of 38 °C and is quickly cooled down to 8 °C during the transfer to the milk tanks. Here, the milk reaches its storage temperature of 2,5 °C. Needless to say, it is crucial to keep a close eye on temperatures to avoid spoiling the milk.

To do this, Wapnö has installed the eWON Netbiter remote management solution from HMS which enables values from the milk tanks to be displayed over the web.

“It’s a huge difference from our previous way of working,” says Jörgen Johansson, farm manager at Wapnö. “Before, I had to be on site to control temperatures and milk levels. Now, I can see everything via my phone or computer, making it much easier to ensure milk quality.”

And with an integration into Wapnö’s local Microsoft environment, made by DH Solutions, Wapnö can also see all the values on a screen in the dairy.

On screen, Jörgen can now see, for example, milk tank levels, temperatures, flows, filling status, and more in a regular web interface. In addition to providing a better overview of production, it also ensures the quality of the entire process. “We have not overfilled a single tank since we installed the system,” says Jörgen.

00 Jörgen Johansson har full koll på produktionen - via internet     02 På www.netbiter.net kan Wapnö se alla värden online

Caption: Jörgen Johansson can see all the values and has full control over the production - via the Internet.

How it works

An eWON Netbiter gateway from HMS is connected to the milk tanks at Wapnö. An ultrasonic tank sensor (also from HMS) detects the level in the milk tanks, and a temperature sensor registers the temperature. The Netbiter gateway sends this data to a web service called Netbiter Argos (www.netbiter.net).

Here, the Wapnös service team can log in to see tank levels, temperatures and view trends and statistics. This allows Wapnö to check the status at any time and also get alarms if the temperature or milk levels get too high in a tank.

To enable on-site overview in the dairy, the local IT company DH Solutions has developed an OEE Production Dashboard — a large screen showing current temperatures, levels and flows. The OEE Dashboard data is utilizing the Netbiter API to get the tank level and temperature data into the local Microsoft environment.

01 En Netbiterenhet är kopplad till Wapnös mjölktankar

Caption: The eWON Netbiter gateway is connected to Wapnö’s milk tanks.