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Comtec bakeries remotely monitored thanks to eWON

Comtec Industries has produced two main models of crust-forming machines since the 1960s. They’re known to be strong, reliable and simple enough to maintain.
The capability is available, and helps us more quickly understand the customer’s issue and shorten the resolution of most issues without expensive house calls.


In the industry of bakery, as every slight difference of temperature has its importance, the company needs to monitor and build a history for set point and actual temperature in order to determine if the customer is experiencing a regulation problem or an issue of heating. Temperature and pressure histories in the machine are clues to localize trouble points.

While designing their next-generation machine, the corporate heard about the ability provided by an eWON installation. This technology was the solution to most of their worries such as the issue of maintenance costs or the possibility of keeping data archiving.

How it works

The eWon’s solution provides strong assurances that production data, recipes and other confidential information remain secure. This technology creates secure VPN access to the PLC and HMI using only outgoing Internet traffic. This makes it very easy to deploy in most customer networks because the IT people won’t have to change their network firewall settings.

Once installed, the eWon router can store data archiving and the company can also schedule the time of the automatic connection to the system. When an automatic connection occurs the collected data are automatically sent back to Comtec corporate which can then analyze this data in order to troubleshoot possible issues and improve the customer’s machine uptime.