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Better control of water treatment plants

Primozone uses Netbiter to monitor the status of ozone generators in water treatment stations. Users get immediate access to all information they need about the machinery.
How Primozone uses Netbiter — Watch case study video
With help of the Netbiter products, we as well as our customers can keep control of the production in a very easy way.
Anders Schening, CEO


Primozone manufactures a new class of ozone generators which require less space, consume significantly less energy and deliver ozone with a higher concentration than competing solutions. Access to clean water is vital to our health and survival. 

"Our mission is to enable our customers to produce ozone for industrial processes in the most cost-effective and reliable way. We are committed to helping drive down costs and decrease environmental damage for our customers through our values” says Anders Schening, CEO of the company.  


How it works

A Netbiter gateway accompanies the ozone generator when the customer buys it. Through this, Primeozone and their customers can keep track of performance and operation of the generators.