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Bakkersland goes automatic with eWON remote maintenance

The main concern of the Bakkersland company is the possible standstill of machinery in a production process. Any standstill situation could lead to delays in the logistic process.
They are easy to work with. Moreover, this equipment can communicate with most common PLCs. 
Dennis van Scheijndel


To avoid this kind of disruption, the Bakkersland Corporate implemented a project in which was planned that every machinery would be equipped with an eWON industrial router.

"We would like all suppliers to have direct access to their machines in our production line
", Dennis van Scheijndel, technical specialist and directly involved with the technical automation at Bakkersland.


How it works

The eWON routers are installed in the control room next to the PLC on the DIN rail. The structure works online and can provide a remote supervision of the machine to the operator through a secure VPN connection. The VPN connection enables the operator to avoid virus and prevent outside people from wanting to gain access to sensitive information.

"We, therefore, ask all our suppliers to install an eWON router on their machines. They are easy to work with. Moreover, this equipment can communicate with most common PLCs. We know that big suppliers such as Kaak, WP Haton and Benier are familiar with eWON technology. Some already install the router in the control cabinet next to the PLC. This allows for a standardized remote maintenance solution".

The Bakkersland corporate chose the eWON Cosy router as remote maintenance system for their machinery. Compared to previous eWON products, the Cosy interface has been significantly simplified. For instance, the Cosy does not offer real-time viewing on the built-in web server.


The results 

Van Scheijnde comments the multiple benefices of an eWON structure:"If there is an alarm, the operator may be able to indicate that a particular sensor is dirty or that the connection isn’t entirely secured. If necessary, the supplier will be able to make changes to the control".

"It is not only us as a user who wins in time; the machine manufacturer has no further need to send an engineer out. In particular, suppliers who are located abroad benefit from this. I’m unable to give you an insight into long-term usage as the routers were only installed recently."