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Aquatic Tensioners

Remote access for Aquatic tensioners addresses downtime of marine vessels

Aquatic is a leading independent operator of modular drive systems, carousel and tensioner solutions for the global oil & gas, telecommunications and energy industries. By installing the eWON VPN routers and using the Talk2M Internet-based remote access system, Aquatic Engineering & Construction Ltd, an Acteon company, is now able to securely monitor and quickly resolve issues on its heavy-duty tensioner equipment, located onboard remote marine vessels via V-SAT (global satellite Internet) links or cellular (3G Internet) connections.
After much research, in late 2013, we came across eWON’s Talk2M solution and VPN router, via the MAC Solutions website. We felt this was the simplest, most cost effective solution available on the market.
Brian McRitchie, Electrical Manager


Aquatic spends a huge amount of time and energy designing in reliability to its machines but inevitably problems occur. The offshore team is well qualified and trained but sometimes the issues of complex machines need a little extra help and whilst a telephone call will often suffice and the option of sending a technician is always available, in an attempt to offer greater resilience and rapidity to the solution, Aquatic sought a way to quiz the machine remotely.

With this system, issues can now be investigated and identified by  Aquatic engineers, and then together with the offshore team, rectified quickly. The cost of the solution is offset by reducing the number of service engineer calls out to vessels.


How it works

Three routers are installed on Aquatic’s 85Te dual-tensioner systems. As well as being equipped with an Ethernet port, two of the three routers also have SIM cards, which in the event of a V-SAT link being unavailable, enables Aquatic engineers to access their equipment, via a 3G cellular network.

The eWON and Talk2M solution provides Aquatic with a differentiator for their 85Te dual tensioner systems hired out to marine vessel operators. “Some of our tensioner systems also have cameras installed, so that local operators can see what is happening, from their control room or booth.

Talk2M also enables me to access this same web camera view. I can also screen-share with a user, to remotely instruct them on the operational particularities of the systems or how to navigate through the more isolated control and monitoring screens.” adds McRitchie.