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Thames Water

831 eWON routers enable remote monitoring at Thames Water sites

Installing eWON industrial Ethernet routers – which provide secure, ADSL and GPRS-based remote control and diagnostics – Thames Water will be able to remotely monitor and control critical assets located at its water pumping stations across the UK.
We are using eWON Ethernet routers to achieve secure, remote communications to critical monitoring and control equipment.
Jim Grandison
Thames Water


As Jim Grandison puts it: "The problem with dial-up is that the data you are looking at is historical, perhaps as much as 24 hours out of date. In order to provide up to date, relevant customer service data and to be able to respond more quickly to any operational issues, we need to have access to information about our assets in real time and to be able to respond to that information, without having to send engineers to site, to check what the actual problem is."

"The important thing", says Grandison, "is that our customers require clean, drinkable water, delivered in a short time with minimal interruptions. In water pumping stations, we have traditionally monitored only the outcome of a failure after it has occurred, but not why that asset failed. With the eWON devices, we can immediately gain access to diagnostic information. This real-time remote monitoring approach supports our ongoing five-year Asset Management Programme, which will see our business change from ‘historical’ to ‘proactive’ management of assets."


How it works 

"We are using eWON Ethernet routers to achieve secure, remote communications to critical monitoring and control equipment"

The role of the eWON VPN router is to provide secure, resilient, remote access through the Internet, to the PLC/RTU devices on site, using a combination of both Broadband ADSL and GPRS/3G.

"Rather like spokes on a bicycle wheel, each eWON device at the end of a spoke is connected to a VPN concentrator at the centre. Across these secure VPN links, eWON devices will pass live real-time data to and from site assets, such as pressures, flows, temperatures, status of equipment and so on", explains Hammond.