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The Key to Industry 4.0- Takeaways from SPF Americas 2018

by Julia Sheridan | Jun 28, 2018


What you missed at the 2018 Sustainable Performance Forum

At this year's 2018 Sustainable Performance Forum in Chicago over 500 professionals came together to discuss how to create groundbreaking innovations that can impact the world. The forum was hosted by Enablon, an international EHS, Risk Management and Sustainability software provider. Their goal, as said by their CEO Chris Joseph is “creating solutions that are sustainable and live in a future sustainable world”. This mission led the conversation of the forum into how Industry 4.0 is being shaped by sustainability and data.

In his opening statement, Chris Joseph discussed how the industrial environment has grown over the past three centuries. First, in the 18th century there was water/steam power that introduced the first wave of innovation. Then in the 19th century, mass production improved how products were made. Following that in the 20th century the assembly lines got remarkably quicker with the introduction of robots/automation. Now as the next wave is being achieved, it important to create solutions that can exist in the future and have value.

The Digitization of the Industrial Environment, also known as Industry 4.0, can drastically improve how companies operate. For example it can allow them to manage risk by seeing a problem the moment it occurs, having the information why, and full visibility of how to fix it. This can save time, money, and assets, while also empowering employees to fix problems. So how is all this possible? With the data from your machines!


Video: OSIsoft Demonstration

OSIsoft, a solution partner of HMS Industrial Networks, was also in attendance at the event displaying how to access a machines data. Inside of the conference's Innovation Village, John Marriot the Partner Manager at OSIsoft had a demonstration that included the eWON Flexy. In the demonstration attendees could see how the OSIsoft PI system could access a pressure sensors data that was being sent to the cloud by the Flexy. Once this data was accessible, they could visualize it on the screen and immediately analyze it. See the full demo in the video above and contact us to learn more!



Image 2: Flexy 205 in Demonstration


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