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  • Ewon Cosy+ brings IIoT cybersecurity to new levels

    may. 03, 2021
    With Ewon Cosy+, HMS Networks launches a new generation of remote access routers which take IIoT cybersecurity to the next level. With built-in Hardware Security, it allows users to securely access industrial equipment from anywhere and do commissioning, troubleshooting and programming online.
  • Ewon Flexy from HMS Networks Achieves ThingWorx Ready Status

    mar. 03, 2021
    HMS Networks launches new PTC Marketplace solution which enables users to bridge machine data to PTC’s ThingWorx® Platform using Ewon® Flexy and the Talk2M® cloud.
  • Ewon and NVISO partner to bring IIoT cybersecurity to new levels

    dic. 04, 2020
    With the cyber threat landscape constantly evolving, Ewon, a business unit within HMS Networks and the global leader in industrial remote connectivity, has partnered with NVISO, an expert in cybersecurity, to bring industrial cybersecurity to the next level.
  • At HMS, we believe that change is good.

    mar. 01, 2019
    On March 1, we will open the door to a fresh HMS Networks with a new brand identity, including a new graphical profile and harmonized Anybus, Ewon and Ixxat brand logotypes.
  • eWON Cosy supports alarm notifications

    may. 03, 2018
    HMS Industrial Networks announces that their award-winning Industrial Remote Access router, eWON Cosy, now supports e-mail and SMS notifications. This means that once an alarm fires, Cosy users will be able to understand where and when the issue occurred in their equipment and/or process.
  • eWON Cosy connects machines to the Internet using 4G

    may. 03, 2018
    HMS Industrial Networks announced today the release of the new 4G LTE (Europe, North America) for its award winning remote access gateway, eWON Cosy. This enables users to access, troubleshoot, program, monitor and control machinery remotely.
  • eWON Flexy supports MQTT for data acquisition

    feb. 14, 2018
    HMS Industrial Networks announces that their IIoT gateway – eWON Flexy (all models including the new Flexy 205) now supports Message Queue Telemetry Transport (MQTT) protocol – a simple and lightweight messaging protocol aimed at minimizing network traffic and device resource requirements.
  • eWON Flexy 205 – The IIoT Gateway for Machine Builders

    ene. 08, 2018
    HMS Industrial Networks announces the release of its advanced IIoT Gateway and Remote Access router, eWON Flexy205.
  • eCatcher Mobile App for Android and iOS!

    dic. 11, 2017
    With the FREE eCatcher mobile app, available for Android and iOS, eWON users can also remotely access their machines securely from their tablet or smartphone.
  • Secure Remote Access for Industrial Machines FOR DUMMIES

    dic. 06, 2017
    Wouldn’t it be awesome — for you and your customers — if you could quickly an securely perform diagnostics and resolve most of those issues remotely?