Recopilación central de datos de operaciones con Talk2M

Tenemos las soluciones adecuadas para cualquiera de sus iniciativas de IIoT: desde los datos sin procesar recopilados en Flexy hasta las métricas aplicables y los KPI compartidos en la nube.

All our Talk2M Plans include Free Services for collecting Operations Data

HMS_web-icon_Central data collection through the cloud

Talk2M Datamailbox

Data collection Made Easy

Do you need to collect field data from remote sites into one centralized application, historian or ERP? DataMailbox is a new Talk2M service for temporary storage of Ewon tags and alarms history. The Ewon pushes its historical data to the DataMailbox running on Talk2M servers. This historical data is temporarily stored and is then available through a DMWeb API.


SMS and Email Relay

First step towards a proactive remote services model

An Ewon device is able to gather data from your industrials PLC or devices and manage its alarms. Alarms threshold and parameters can be set on every tag name and events can be notified using FTP, SNMP, email or SMS. Talk2M SMS & Email relay will relay the alarm into SMS (without having an Ewon device equipped with a cellular modem) and relay and email via the Talk2M SMTP server.



Build dedicated added-value business software applications

The M2Web HTTPS API allows seamless HTTPS requests to any remote devices connected to Talk2M. Design your very own application to pull your machines data out of Talk2M or send control commands to a remote site.

Eager to learn more about the Data Services offered by Talk2M? Planning to build your very own IIoT App?

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Routers industriales

Routers industriales Ewon para una conectividad fácil y segura

Disfrute de las ventajas del acceso remoto bajo demanda, la recopilación de datos de operaciones industriales a nivel local o central en la nube.
El portal de su máquina.

Panel de control web: M2Web

El portal web sin marca gratuito de Talk2M que ofrece acceso a través de dispositivos móviles a su HMI, servidores web, PC y paneles remotos.
Cliente VPN de acceso remoto

Cliente VPN inteligente Ewon eCatcher

Software de conectividad remota de Talk2M con el que puede conectarse a todos sus dispositivos en un entorno de alta seguridad.
Conectividad como servicio

Nube industrial: Ewon Talk2M

Descubra Talk2M, una nube industrial escalable, fiable y totalmente redundante.