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Did you say Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)?

by Patrick Siméons | ene. 27, 2021

Key performance indicators define a set of values against which to measure. By doing so, it allows you to measure performances and evaluate success.

In the manufacturing sector, many have turned to IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) to take their company to the next level of digitalization.

Factories need to know everything that concerns their machines, from the real-time production information to maintenance planning. Having access to those metrics allows users to take sound and fact-based decision and maximize the availability of the production line.

Thanks to data, we should have access to a lot of information. But how to easily action this information? What if you could remotely monitor the performance of your equipment live?
Did you know that your Ewon Flexy also allows you to easily collect and store data?

Imagine you could improve your fleet and check every aspect about either the production or the machine itself. Imagine you could centrally monitor your fleet of equipment. Imagine you could start pro-active maintenance based on the results of some indicators. Imagine getting proactive notifications based on those indicators. Imagine having access to local dashboards for remote diagnostics, ...

With that in mind, the factory owner's next step is to find the perfect solution that can help easily and securely implementing KPI's and visualize them on a proper dashboard.

It seems complicated but it is not as we made it so easy for you!

With the KPI functionality embedded in the Ewon Flexy, we help you make your next step in your digitalization journey. All you need is an Ewon Flexy.

With a couple of clicks, in a couple of minutes, you can very easily configure up to six Key Performance Indicators that you will be able to visualize via an existing dashboard. No complex IT deployment needed! Even better, your precious data stay local! :-)


The benefits of Ewon's Flexy in terms of KPI's


For your management convenience, the interface also allows you to visualize your park of machines on a world map so that you can intuitively select the location you are interested by.


A very easy way to start using data


The KPI’s functionality is the perfect solution to remotely monitor machine(s) performances and easily start getting access to valuable data.

Through a simple straightforward interface, in a couple of clicks, you select up to six KPI's to monitor and visualize remotely on your machine dashboard.

This functionality allows you to easily and securely remote monitor your machine(s) performances by measuring productivity. You can even proactively detect machine maintenance needs.

With the KPI’s functionality, your machine(s) can send you notifications for any alert you have created. This allows you to react and decide quickly about the next action.

In terms of production, you manage selected data related to your park of machines, objectives versus actuals, predictive maintenance, ....

You will also collect valuable information about your OEE, the Overall Equipment Effectiveness.


Manage Alarms


How to know when you reach the limit? How to figure out if you are on schedule? ...

The Ewon Flexy also allows you to add alarms to your KPI's. Those alarms can be visual (color code in your dashboard) and can actively notify you as you wish, by email or by SMS.




There are several tools that Ewon puts at your disposal to visualize all your machine's dashboards and KPI's:

  • eCatcher Mobile is an iOS or Android application. It provides an overview of all of your machines KPI’s. In addition, it provides secure communication between other mobile applications such as VNC clients or vendor specific applications and remote industrial equipment.
    By using eCatcher Mobile, you see all your Ewon accessible devices and connect to the appropriate one. Once connected, you can then securely interact with your equipment, as if you were on-site, and visualize the status of the equipment thanks to the KPI’s.
  • M2Web only requires a web browser, no installation, nor software. With M2Web, you access your devices from a PC, Mac, tablet, or smartphone. M2Web allows you to visualize the KPI’s and provides significant assets to improve real-time decision-making, wherever you are. Users can also get an efficient overview of their (park of) machines on a world map.

In a nutshell, the KPI’s functionality embedded in your Ewon Flexy is the perfect solution to start leveraging data and monitor machine(s) performances safely and remotely.


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