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Live Data Monitoring is your first IIoT Application

by Vivek Mano | may. 15, 2020
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There’s no doubt that the world of IIoT has a lot of potential. Nearly 90% of surveyed companies believe that IoT is critical for their future business success. So, many companies are in the awareness phase and are most likely also investigating solutions. Of these companies, only 1/3 expect to see a positive return on investment within the first 2 years1. I think this shows that some companies have optimistic timelines, but many understand that this will be an investment for the long-term. Furthermore, the overall IoT market is expected to have a compound annual growth rate of close to 30% over the next 5 years2, mostly coming from remote monitoring, asset tracking, and predictive maintenance applications.

But we also know that many machine builders are struggling with their digitalization initiatives. According to McKinsey, while many companies are in the adoption phase, McKinsey also notices that many companies are failing in this adoption. We have about 30% of companies that start a proof of concept and simply fail on the execution, mainly due to unclear business value and the high costs to maintain and scale the solution. Of the 70% of companies that do progress to a pilot, 4 out of every 5 companies are stuck in “pilot purgatory”. This means that they’re simply not gaining any traction or are having trouble making progress with their target customers. And finally, there are simply companies that are dragging their feet due to data security concerns.

Based on the potential and adoption interest, coupled with the reasons that projects get stuck and they sometimes fail, the ideal solution seems to be able to:

  • Build a quick pilot with minimal investment
    • What if the cost was less than 1000 EUR to make a customer-facing test?
    • What if you could see an immediate ROI?
  • Solve data security concerns
    • Where does the data flow? Who owns the data? Is it the factory owner? Is it the OEM or Machine Builder or Device Manufacturer?
    • What if the data didn’t have to “go” anywhere? What if it stayed local?
  • Affordably scale when the time is right
    • What if the quick pilot could be re-used for a full-blown production application in the future?

Concretely, what if HMS give you all the tools you need to start, step by step, your digitalization. What if all you need was just a little push?


Live Data Monitoring with HMS and Ewon is all you need to get started.

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With Ewon solutions, you can quickly and easily deploy your first customer-facing application. Live Data Monitoring with KPIs (key performance indicators) gives you a view into your machines’ performance from your mobile devices or PC. With just a few clicks, you can check in the health of your machine and make a quick diagnosis based on pre-configured tags that you set up. Imagine being able to be up and running within hours, instead of weeks or months. Imagine being able to have a new IIoT offering to show off at your next customer meeting. With Flexy and Talk2M, you can.

Having a pre-made IIoT application gets rid of one hurdle so you can focus on your next task: validating your business model for your customer base. With Live Data Monitoring in-hand, you can have something real to share with your customer base. This makes it much easier to determine whether or not they’re ready to pay for value-add services (and also find out where they are in their digital journey).

Included with the Ewon solution is a browser-based portal and a mobile application (for iOS and Android) to monitor these values. What’s unique about this solution is that the data is only displayed when you open the application. This means that no data is stored in the cloud, nor in your mobile device. Instead, the machine data remains where it should: inside the machine. This makes it much easier for companies to deal with gaining IT acceptance.

With Flexy, you can evolve from proof of concept to pilot to production. Start with Live Data Monitoring within minutes and grow into a full IIoT solution when you’re ready.

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Initiating a digital transformation may be scary and hold a lot of question that customers needs before investing in it. But those questions have answer only if you go for it and start your journey. There are plenty of cases where you can find people that tried and succeed their digitalization process.


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  2. Adroit Market Research, “Industrial IoT Market by Component (hardware, software, services, connectivity), Applications (manufacturing, energy & power, healthcare, logistics & transport, agriculture, others), and Region, Global Forecast 2018 to 2025”

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