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COVID-19 Update von unserem General Manager

by Guillaume d'Aspremont | Apr 23, 2020
Der General Manager von Ewon gibt eine Stellungnahme zur aktuellen COVID-19-Situation auf der ganzen Welt ab und wie wir unsere Kunden in dieser Situatrion unterstützen. Wir möchten unsere Kunden auch in diesen Zeiten weiter unterstützen, indem wir die Nutzung des VPN-Verkehrs für alle Talk2M-Konten ausweiten.

Dear customers and partners,

We are in period that is globally unprecedented in recent human memory. The containment policies adopted on a worldwide scale have a significant impact on all our economies and operations. It is amazing how the digitalization of communications infrastructure, office tools, and communication business applications is enabling all of us to adopt these containment measures and allow our staff to carry out operations and professional tasks from home.

At HMS / Ewon, we switched to teleworking mode in mid-March and we have been able to successfully stay focused on providing the best connectivity services to our customers and partners.


With the COVID-19 crisis, we noticed a significant increase of traffic on our VPN services. It has been very positive to see that our customers are taking even more advantage of VPN connectivity to help manufacturers continue their operations to feed the supply chain, despite not being able to travel! We know that many of our customers rely on our VPN services to support essential industries such as Food & Beverage or Pharmaceuticals, and therefore, it’s our duty to make this period more acceptable for the global population by providing the best business continuity of Talk2M.


To keep up with this traffic increase, we have invested heavily in Ewon’s Talk2M infrastructure. We have strengthened our central server system with a new distributed architecture in order to offer even more power, scalability, and most importantly, improved resiliency. We have also added new VPN servers to expand our customers’ reach to machines installed in South America as well as in Singapore and southeast Asia.  I am extremely proud that our team has so quickly adopted teleworking routines and policies to successfully meet with the increased customer demand. 


We want to further support our customers and partners by extending VPN traffic usage:
  • Talk2M Free+ accounts will now receive 3 GB / month of VPN traffic usage
  • Talk2M Pro accounts will now receive 9 GB / month of VPN traffic usage
This will go into effect starting May 1st, 2020.


When the confinement will be lifted, we will have to ensure that our employees rediscover the power of social contacts. However, regarding the market of industrial machinery and equipment, this crisis will probably be a turning point. Manufacturers will have identified the need to adopt state of the art Internet communication and secure remote support in order to secure business continuity with their automation suppliers and partners instead of going-on site to support their equipment.


Over 10k customers worldwide are already trusting HMS/Ewon for a reliable and quality connectivity to industrial equipment around the world with our global VPN infrastructure with more than 35 servers distributed around the world serving 156 countries. We want to assure you of our commitment to increase our leadership by steady investments in all technological aspects of the industrial digitalization in order to accommodate more connections today and in the future and help customers to gain significant competitive advantages.


Take care of yourself and your loved ones


General Manager
Business Unit Ewon

HMS Industrial Networks SA


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