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Did you say SLA ?

by Patrick Siméons | Dez 04, 2020

An SLA, or service-level agreement, is a commitment between a provider and a user . It defines the type and level of service that is expected from the service provider. Different aspects of the service are typically covered by the SLA: quality, availability, responsibilities. Therefore it defines performance metrics and remedy when a certain performance that has been agreed to has not been met.


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Warranty and SLA

To make a long story short, Warranty and Service Level Agreements are two different things. Every product sold has an expected level of performance, and warranties are used to clearly define what types of failures are covered during operation.

Service Level Agreements on the other side, are used to limit the impact of service disruptions. So, to really reduce the users’ risk a combination of warranty and SLA is required.

Market status

In our sector, many companies provide a limited warranty, usually enforced by the legal framework, but refuse to commit to service agreements.

Is it because they don’t have the data to estimate their own risk or because they just don’t want to expose themselves? Most of the time, the primary reason being that they don’t track how their products and services perform in the field.

Even worse, some rely on the Service Level Agreement of their own providers. In those cases, we could easily wonder what’s their real commitment. In case of problem, they will easily say “It’s not my fault, it’s the fault of my supplier” with little consideration for their customers who are usually left without solution.

If you are a machine builder, please consult our blog (https://www.ewon.biz/blog/ewon-posts-hms/iot-blog/2020/04/08/decreasing-your-risk-from-service-level-agreements-with-remote-data) to better understand how to gain competitive edge with a good Service Level Agreement.

The beauty of a dedicated team

At Ewon, Customer Service is not a vain word. We focus a lot on the customer experience and are proud to take our own responsibilities. We strive to deliver on our responsibilities and have no issue to be liable for our services.

At Ewon, on top of our 3 years warranty (https://ewon.biz/warranty), our customers benefit also from a very clear and transparent Service Level Agreement when using Talk2M.

At Ewon, you can expect the support of a dedicated team of professionals managing our Service Level Agreement. When designing the architecture of Talk2M, we wanted to make sure that we were not relying –like most of our competitors – on a single provider. Imagine if it collapses...

Instead, our network is built on several servers from multiple providers. In combination with Talk2M’s ability to shift the load from one to the other according to their availability, it offers the required high level of performance. By doing so, we prevent our customers being caught in the trap of a single provider failure and that’s only one of the reasons why we are proud to guarantee in our SLA an availability of minimum 99.5%.

As a summary, minimize your risk, you should not stop with a traditional warranty. Make sure that you work with a committed supplier who has dedicated team to provide you with the right Service Level Agreement for your needs.

And guess what: Talk2M Pro includes a very good SLA 😊

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