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Elsner Case study

Elsner innovates with IoT app to give customers access to their machines

Elsner IoT app powered by Scante and HMS Networks enables their customers to view their machine's productivity, diagnostics, and any maintenance.

Elsner innovates with IoT app to give customers access to their machines

With more than 3,000 machines in 60 countries, Elsner’s machines wind, pack and fold every product imaginable. Elsner’s success comes from more than 80 years of continuous innovation and precision that boosts customers' competitive edge.
Elsner started to use Ewon product line many years ago to give automation engineers remote connectivity towards the machines in order to provide immediate troubleshoot and support to customers without the delay to go on site for each case. More recently, Elsner is taking advantage of Talk2M and Scante IoT solution to monitor machine performance and provide a new IoT app with predictive maintenance, productivity views and remote diagnostics.
The customers can benefit from the Elsner App and dashboards to monitor more accurately the equipment and be more proactive with significant impact on ROI and cost savings.
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- More efficient for immediate troubleshooting and support activity

- New App with proactive services to help customer to keep producing

- Straightforward implantation on every machine