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  • The basics of cybersecurity : Secure boot

    by Patrick Siméons | Jun 08, 2021
    With more and more devices connected, we pay even more attention to securing your infrastructure.
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  • The basics of cybersecurity: asymmetric cryptography

    by Jean-David Epaillard, Security Manager | Mai 18, 2021
    In today's world, more than ever, cybersecurity needs to be taken very seriously. In this series of posts, we elaborate for your convenience on the basics of security. In this post, we address the principle of asymmetric cryptography, the only way to ensure authenticity, integrity and confidentiality. Stay tuned, there will be more to come
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  • Hardware root of trust: what and why?

    by | Mai 03, 2021
    Hardware Root of trust brings security to the core of the hardware. The combination of this approach with the highly secured industrial Cloud Talk2M allows Ewon to bring industrial remote connectivity to a level never seen before.
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  • The basics of cybersecurity.

    by Jean-David Epaillard | Apr 22, 2021
    In today's world, more than ever, cybersecurity needs to be taken very seriously. In this series of posts, we elaborate for your convenience on the basics of security. A good way to allow you to better assess risk management in terms of remote access. Stay tuned, there will be more to come
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  • Are you OK?

    by Patrick Siméons | Apr 01, 2021
    OVH is a French cloud computing company which offers VPS, dedicated servers, and other web services. As of 2016 OVH owned the world's largest datacentre in surface area and as of 2019, it was the largest hosting provider in Europe and the third largest in the world based on physical servers.
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  • Did you say Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)?

    by Patrick Siméons | Jan 27, 2021
    Key performance indicators define a set of values against which to measure. By doing so, it allows you to measure performances and evaluate success. In the manufacturing sector, many have turned to IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) to take their company to the next level of digitalization.
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  • Did you say SLA ?

    by Patrick Siméons | Dez 04, 2020
    An SLA, or service-level agreement, is a commitment between a provider and a user . It defines the type and level of service that is expected from the service provider. Different aspects of the service are typically covered by the SLA: quality, availability, responsibilities.
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  • 300.000 devices connected cannot be a coincidence! Thank you.

    by Patrick Siméons | Nov 20, 2020
    More than ever, we all need reliable networks to provide us with the necessary information, whenever and wherever we need. That’s exactly why we launched Talk2M in 2007.
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  • Get even more by updating to the latest version of eCatcher !

    by Patrick Siméons | Nov 20, 2020
    As part of our ongoing software improvement strategy, we released a new version of eCatcher.
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  • Tips to make your industrial digitalization successful

    by Patrick Siméons | Sep 24, 2020
    The world of Industrial IoT is brimming with promise and improvements. Everywhere you turn, industries are showcasing the latest and greatest technologies in order to eke out another fractional percentage of improvement.
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  • 7 hidden treasures of the Ewon portfolio that you should know

    by Xavier Cardeña | Jun 26, 2020
    Ewon is the most widely used industrial secure remote access solution in the world. It’s built upon nearly 300,000 machines connected to the Talk2M service and more than 30 data centers which provide service continuity and support. The 10,000+ customers who have trusted Ewon for nearly 20 years have taken advantage of the new functionalities that Ewon has been offering time after time thanks to the availability of new and regular firmware releases.
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  • Live Data Monitoring is your first IIoT Application

    by Vivek Mano | Mai 15, 2020
    Since the emergence of IIoT, machine builders are struggling with their digitalization initiatives. 4 out of every 5 companies are stuck in the "pilot purgatory". HMS products are the next step to get the little push needed to develop the full potential of factory floors.
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  • Top 5 recommendations to End Users when selecting and implementing a Remote Access solution

    by Horst Lange, Xavier Cardeña, and Vivek Mano | Apr 30, 2020
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  • Preventive Maintenance : How Data can take you to the next level

    by Guillaume d'Aspremont | Mrz 30, 2020
    Discover how data can make your maintenance process evolve ! Preventive maintenance is the next step to allow your factory to gain time and save money.
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  • OPC UA: Could it be the holy grail of your Digital Transformation?

    by Jean-François Simon - Firmware Team Manager | Feb 21, 2020
    As the industry moves inexorably toward profound transformation, factories increasingly rely on Data collection, consolidation and visualization technologies in the hopes of optimizing their operations. But how to collect Data coming from different sources? How can OPC UA support your digital transformation?
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  • Remote Troubleshooting: why should you standardize it on all your machines?

    by Dominique Blanc - Business Development Manager | Feb 07, 2020
    Remote Access and smart troubleshooting have a net positive ROI. Improve the quality of your support services and stay competitive by reducing support travels.
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  • ISO 27001: discover how it helps us develop highly secure industrial IoT solutions

    by Jean-David Epaillard - IT & Security Manager | Jan 21, 2020
    The emergence of IIoT has created many security challenges. Read our blog post and discover how the ISO 27001 certification helps us develop highly secure IIoT solutions that will accompany your organization in its first steps towards digitalization.
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Wenn ein Etikett mehr als nur ein Etikett ist

CODIMAG, ein renommierter Anbieter von Etikettendruckmaschinen, berichtet, wie sie mit der Fernzugriffslösung von Ewon ihren Service aufwerten.

Der reibungslose Einsatz von Ewon Cosy in rauer Umgebung: Steinbruch

Die Remote-Access-Lösung von Ewon erfüllt die Anforderungen des etabliertes Unternehmens Nakayama Iron Works perfekt.

ABB Robotics beauftragt Ewon mit Remote-Service weltweit

Die ABB-Remote-Service-Lösung ermöglicht eine erhöhte Betriebszeit durch eine Reduzierung der Ausfallzeiten durch den Remote-Service.

Ewon Flexy versorgt Versiegelungsmaschinen mit Echtzeit-Produktionsdaten

Ein Hersteller von Versiegelungsmaschinen für Lebensmittelschalen ermöglicht seinen Kunden Mehrwerte durch den Einsatz der Ewon Remote Data Lösung.

Vorbeugende Instandhaltung

Wie Daten Sie auf die nächste Ebene bringen und Ihrer Fabrik helfen können, sich auf ihrem Weg der Digitalisierung weiterzuentwickeln.

Fernzugriff und -steuerung von überall auf der Welt

Ewon-Fernlösungen ermöglichen es, das Spa-Erlebnis "Die Welt der Elemente" aus der Ferne zu steuern von überall auf der Welt.

Thiele Technologies nutzt Ewon für globalen Fernsupport

Ewon und Talk2M helfen Thiele Technologies bei der Lösung der Probleme ihrer Kunden.

OPC UA : der Gral zu Ihrer digitalen Transformation?

Fabriken sind auf Daten angewiesen, um ihren Betrieb zu optimieren. Wie kann OPC UA Ihre digitale Transformation unterstützen?
IIoT einfach & sicher

ISO 27001 ist der Schlüssel für IIoT-Sicherheit

IIoT wirft viele Fragen auf, u.a. die der Sicherheit. Durch Zertifizierungen zeigen wir, dass die Sicherheit unserer Produkte höchste Priorität hat.