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Customized Machinery That Can Be Tested In The Field

by Julia Sheridan | May 28, 2019



Remote access allows Wulftec to stretch their reach...

Wulftec is a leader in the industry when it comes to Automatic Stretch Wrappers, Strapping Systems and Pallet Handling Solutions. With machines all over the world, Ewon helps them remotely monitor and maintain them 24/7.

Wulftec designs stretch wrappers and packaging equipment that is highly efficient and durable, even in the harshest of conditions. Started in the early 1990s and Wulftec has been growing ever since. Wulftec is currently the leader of stretch wrapping machinery in North America and hold a strong position globally. With machinery distributed worldwide, the possibilties given to them from Ewon are immensley valuable.

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Full Success Story


The Problem

Before adding Ewon products into their offering, Wulftec had additonal costs and issues with maintenance on their machines at customer sites. Very often they would end up sending someone, either from their home base in Quebec or from one of their distributing partners. They do train their distributors to be able to go online and perform some modifications, but very often these adjustments are a bit more complex than just a light modification. So the distributors would go on site and become their access port to the machine over the phone and they would orient them on what to do. This opened the door to miscommunication and disconnects on what is the maintenance issue with the machine. Also with the distance, they have expanded, this could mean sometimes two days of travel for one hour’s work. Overall it was not efficient, proactive or as fast as end users would like it to be.


“Ewon products provide a sure and easy method to bring proximity between the technician and the product”

Guy Lopes, Directors of Operations at Wulftec International Inc.


The Solution

Ewon products help allievate this issue and enables them to be just a phone call away. The solution is easy to use, implement, and many customers recognized the benefit right away. With Remote Access from Ewon, Wulftec can view and control their remote HMIs, troubleshoot and program PLCs from anywhere, and support field technicians from the comfort of their office. Now anytime a project is projected to be remote, they recommend adding an Ewon product to the machine so that they can immediately help their customers if any problems arise.


 Wulftec-Control-Panel-ewon          Wulftec-Control-Panel-1         Wulftec-Control-Panel-2  



Recognizing Customer Needs

Wulftec builds customized machinery so that every solution is tailored to the customer needs. By integrating the Ewon product into Wulftec machines they can do a minor adjustment or modifications remotely after the machines have been installed for a while. After the customer has had a chance to operate the machine, Wulftec is able to assess the customer’s needs better. Learning what the customer wants to achieve and how they can assist with this, has improved Wulftec’s offering. With the Ewon component, Wulftec can easily hook up into the machine and do any modification instantly for the customer. Through this they can give their customers a better experience and bring in additional value. 


First choice for Customers

Wulftec found that customers typically don’t have anything in place to monitor or hook up to the machinery within their old factories. Ewon enables them an access point to enter the machine without needing to piggy back on the customer’s infrastructure. Other remote solutions they reviewed always require, in some form or fashion, to hook up to the customer network. This would cause issues for the customers IT department, as they are not fond of allowing outside companies access to their network. Wulftec has found that the infrastructure around the Ewon products is more facilitated and secure. Once the customer understands that there are ways for them to monitor and control the way Wulftec interacts with their machine, their worries are at eased and makes the process much simpler.


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