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Open Telematics Solution Demonstration

by Tom McKinney and Ian Tracy | Mar 06, 2018



HMS Industrial Networks Demonstrates an Open Telematics Solution at the Truckload Carriers Association Conference

Powered by Dell Edge Gateway 3002 at TCA 2018

Vertically integrated, closed, telematics and fleet management solutions dominate the market today. Most vendors of these systems completely define the electronics required to enable the system, creating a closed system. Realizing the true value of this data, vendors aggressively monetized fleet data: selling to third parties, and even selling fleet owners their own data. Most fleet owners are forced to stay with their original telematics provider despite increasing costs.

The market is evolving, and more open systems are available today. Vendors like Dell offer edge devices specifically built for vehicle integration. The new vision for fleet telematics includes owning your own data, adding only the features required and being able to migrate from one vendor to another without switching costs.


Is your truck your office? Get a Dell device installed in your dash!


Figure 2: Dell Edge Gateways bring high performance compute power to the cab

HMS Industrial Networks, the industrial networking company behind brands Anybus, eWON, and IXXAT in conjunction with Dell, demonstrated an open telematics platform at the Truckload Carriers Association Conference this year.

The solution showcased:

  • Integration of engine data via J1939 and CANbus
  • Integration with BlueDot fleet transformation software
  • Cloud base dashboards using the open source software packages Grafana, InfluxDB, and NGINX

The solution runs on the Dell Edge Gateway 3002, it included:

  • An Intel Atom processor
  • Wireless connectivity including LTE, WiFi, and BLE
  • CANbus Interface based on HMS Industrial Networks, IXXAT technology


Below is a snapshot of a dashboard built on Grafana for the demo.

dashboard_Open Telematics Solutions 

Figure 3: Dashboard Example 

If you were unable to attend the event please send us a message at us-sales@hms-networks.com and we can schedule a demo for you.

Read the full brochure now:

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