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Top 10 Take-aways from MWC for IoT Systems

by HMS Staff Writer | Sep 19, 2017




Top 10 Take-aways from MWC for IoT Systems

  1. Gateway providers roll out LTE-M and NB IoT solutions
  2. AT&T and Verizon have at least 8 US cities with 5G Trials
  3. Nokia CEO estimates 5G will improve worker productivity by 30% over the next 10 years
  4. Cellular provider data costs have dropped dramatically from ~$1 per GB to 0.01 per GB over the last three years
  5. Verizon VP estimates 5G will create 3 million jobs
  6. Cellular connectivity costs have dropped so significantly that individually connected  street lights are viable
  7. AT&T Vehicle tracking solutions for trucking justify multiple cellular connections per truck
  8. Nokia CEO expects broad commercial rollout of 5G 2019
  9. UPS focused user accessible on personalized package tracking application in conjunction with UBER
  10. LORA now available on 175 products from 75 companies
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