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OSIUser Conference: Key Takeaways on the PI System™

by Tom McKinney | Mar 28, 2017

Data Virtualization 

Last week, HMS Industrial Networks, attended the OSIUser Conference in San Francisco, CA.


How it Works:

The OSIsoft PI System™ is an on-premises database and operational intelligence software platform. It allows users to take highly complex data and turn it into simplistic, easy to interpret data; transforming operation insights into action. To date, OSIsoft’s PI System is deployed at over 19,000 sites with a 1.9 billion data stream.  


The Key Benefits: 

So what are the key benefits for someone to choose the PI System? First, the PI System can capture and store millions of data points. If your application needs an extreme amount of data points, this would be an option to consider. Data points can captured from a diverse amount of sources, collected and brought to one centrally located information center. Secondly, with such a profound amount of data, the ability to structure, organize and search the data is extremely user friendly. Lastly, the PI System gives users the ability to create visualizations, and enable operational applications with the intention of optimizing process, improving quality, monitoring and increase asset health, improving energy efficiency, managing risk and advancing safety.


What to consider:

Even though PI System can capture and store millions of data points, it does not perform big data analytics. There are, however, dozens of smaller companies that will do this on premises for you. Not to mention, the PI System will integrate with several cloud providers such as Microsoft Azure, IBM, and SAP Hana to name a few.

HMS offers solutions capable of bridging multiple industrial fieldbus protocols to the OSIsoft platform.  Allowing customers to integrate sensors not current connected to a PLC or Industrial PC.  Expanding the number of data sources in the factory.  HMS products support connectivity solutions over wired Ethernet, WiFi, Bluetooth and Cellular backhaul. Connectivity is possible using OPC-UA or PI Connectors. HMS edge gateways provide this connectivity in an industrial form factor without any additional software or industrial PCs. 

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