Ewon Case Studies

Our customers speak best for us, discover their stories and how Ewon improves their business successfully:

Cofresco’s factories standardize with Ewon & Talk2M for all remote maintenance activities

The leading manufacturer of home solutions for the fresh keeping and storage of food, Cofresco, is constantly developing new products solutions and new complex automation for the household. Cofresco Europa manufactures film products mainly for Toppits, Albal, Glad, Handy Bag and PrimaPackamong among others.
We have found the ideal company standard in Ewon & Talk2M and do not wish to pass on the numerous options offered by this industrial router 
Friedrich Niedernolte


As many engineering companies have their remote maintenance system, the company wanted to uniform this structure in a standard one in order to avoid errors due to the multiple VPN certificates. This standardization could also bring a more simple and unique interface, facilitating the use for the employees.

"The handling is also different in each case and our employees have to get used to completely different user interfaces. We wanted to put an end to this chaos", adds Friedrich Niedernolte. After a period of search, the company chose Ewon remote maintenance router in conjunction with the Talk2M online service portal.



- Allow secure and efficient remote support from equipment suppliers

- "End the chaos" by standardizing to one remote connectivity solution

- Comply with IT security policies, while keeping the installation easy


How it works

Most importantly, eWON routers are fully robust and suited to industrial use. The Ewon system can incorporate a camera which points directly at the connected PLC so it is possible to see remotely if variables are correctly adjusted.

"Before we changed our delivery terms, we had a case where a supplier had not planned for remote maintenance and the relevant gateway was not there", explains Friedrich Niedernolte. 

"But with the Plug’n’Route option from Ewon, it was still no problem as the
eCatcher commissioning assistant can read all addresses. This means that the controllers from all conventional manufacturers can be maintained remotely - even if they were not specifically designed for this purpose in the first place. Access can also be configured easily via a smartphone or tablet".


The results

"We have found the ideal company standard in Ewon & Talk2M and do not wish to pass on the numerous options offered by this industrial router", states Friedrich Niedernolte.