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Four Elements

Remote Control of the four elements

Modern technology allows you to do a lot of things remotely. Soaking in a spa is not one of them (at least not yet). However, with eWON remote solutions, water treatment specialists Aquila Wasseraufbereitungstechnik GmbH and their sister company Autech Tesla have found a way to do maintenance and troubleshooting of their spa system “The World of Elements” from any location. This is an absolute necessity as their customers may need immediate assistance in case of a critical malfunction.
Since we install water treatment systems all over Europe, remote access is simply a necessity
Frank Weiß - CEO
Autech Tesla Automation


“The World of Elements” is a spa concept from the German water treatment specialists Aquila Wasseraufbereitungstechnik GmbH. The concept is customized for each spa or water park, but the basic concept is to let the visitors experience the four elements – water, fire, air and earth – through advanced technology involving water, sound, scent, audio, lighting, and laser projection. The result is an astounding experience for all senses where the visitor is truly surrounded by the four elements.

The first World-of-Elements installation can be found at Aquapark in Minsk, Belarus. Their “rain cave” is a 20 meter long tunnel in which visitors experience the four elements. “We designed the rain cave together with the customer and then our sister company Autech Tesla Automation installed and commissioned the technology,” explains Laura Clärding, brand manager for The World of Elements.


Remotely accessing the system

Controlling the system are two highly reliable SIMATIC S7- 400H PLCs from Siemens which make sure that waterflows, lights, sound etc. change between the four elements in perfect synchronization. To control the rain cave, Autech Tesla has their own visualization system which is displayed on HMIs in the Aquapark control room. This visualization system can also be accessed remotely since Autech Tesla has installed an eWON router connected to the PLC.


How it works

The eWON router is connected to the Siemens S7-400 PLC via Ethernet. The router communicates with the cloud-based Talk2M service from eWON where Autech Tesla can log in to access their control system. It is just like being connected on site — Users see exactly what they would see on the HMIs in Minsk.

“We trained the local staff on using the system, and we really haven’t had any issues with it since the installation,”
says Frank Weiß. “However, remote access is a very important security feature for us as a service provider. In case of a critical malfunction, it is simply not feasible that the water attraction should stand still while we find plane tickets to Belarus. Since we install water treatment systems all over Europe, remote access is simply a necessity.”

"Since we install water treatment systems all over Europe, remote access is simply a necessity."
Frank Weiß - CEO, Autech Tesla Automation