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Secure and easy remote connectivity for Siemens PLC

Talk2M, the key to an optimal remote connectivity

Talk2M is Ewon’s cloud-based remote connectivity service, which allows hundreds of thousands of industrial machines to be securely connected through the Internet. To start using the Ewon solution, create a free Talk2M account, which will allow you to manage and control through the cloud the connectivity of an unlimited number of users and equipment.

Add more value to your machine with an Ewon gateway

To enable remote connectivity for your machine, simply equip it with an Ewon gateway, configured to establish a secure VPN connection to your Talk2M account through the Internet (over an Ethernet, WiFi or cellular network). Connect the Ewon gateway to your Siemens PLC – and any other devices you want to make remotely accessible – and you are ready to start enjoying the benefits of IIoT. The whole setup only takes a few minutes and doesn’t require to stop the machine or reprogram the PLC.

Boost your operational efficiency with Remote Access

Once the Ewon gateway has been linked to Talk2M, it becomes possible to reach it, as well as the Siemens PLC and other devices behind it, from anywhere in the world, through a secure VPN connection established using “eCatcher”, Talk2M’s free client application. It is virtually as if your PC was connected directly to the Siemens PLC, through one very long cable. You can therefore use TIA Portal (or any programming software compatible with your PLC) to get online with the PLC and monitor or program it through the Internet.

Similarly, you can access to any Siemens HMI connected to the Ewon gateway, to monitor, control or program it remotely. Remote access from mobile devices, such as a tablet or smartphone, is also possible through Talk2M’s web portal (“M2Web”) or mobile app (“eCatcher Mobile”), if the target equipment supports it.


  • Minimize downtime through fast remote support
  • Save time and money by avoiding unnecessary service trips
  • Improve your engineers’ productivity and well-being

Be more competitive with remote monitoring

The Ewon “Flexy” gateway supports various industrial protocols, including Modbus, OPC UA and S7 Protocol, allowing it to read/write data from/to Siemens PLCs and various other devices.

Data tags collected by the Ewon Flexy can be logged into internal memory for later retrieval and analysis, used to trigger alarms with notification by email or SMS on condition change, as well as displayed on local dashboards accessible through the webserver of the Ewon Flexy.

Up to 6 tags per Flexy can be defined as KPIs, whose live values will become visible directly on the Talk2M web portal, “M2Web”, allowing you to easily monitor the condition and performance of all your machines in one place, from any device, even a smartphone.


  • Be more proactive by keeping an eye on your machines and receiving alarm notifications
  • Allow your partners and customers to remotely check on their equipment from any device
  • Keep the data stored locally to reduce security concerns

Collect machine data for your IoT application

The data read by the Ewon Flexy from the Siemens PLC and other devices inside your machines can be made available to a 3rd party IoT software, which will turn it into valuable information.

There are 2 main possible paths for this data transfer:

  • A direct connection from the Ewon Flexy to the IoT software, with the Ewon Flexy pushing its data using MQTT, HTTPS or OPC UA.


  • An indirect connection, with the Ewon Flexy uploading its data through its VPN connection to the Talk2M DataMailbox service, where the data is buffered until the IoT software downloads it through HTTPS calls using the Talk2M DataMailbox REST API. This method, implemented by HMS Solution Partners, allows to greatly simplify the whole setup of the IoT project and provides more scalability.



  • Unlock new services such as predictive maintenance and OEE optimization
  • Improve the efficiency of your data collection by choosing between several available methods
  • Reduce the TCO of your IoT project with the Talk2M DataMailbox service

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