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Firmware Release: 14.4s0

by Ludovic Thuin | Jun 08, 2021
The release of the Ewon firmware 14.4s0 is now official! You can download it through eBuddy and manual firmware download. Learn more in this article.
We have released a new version of the Ewon firmware.

Here is a list of some of the improvements / fixes:
  • ADDED [FLEXY] IOSERVER: DF1 "L" register fully supported.
  • ADDED [FLEXY] MISC: New options to allow read-only anonymous access of user webpages, EBD and viewON pages.
  • FIXED [ALL] MISC: /usr folder could be erased in some reboot cases.
  • FIXED [FLEXY] TAGS: Many Tags updates caused pla-Queue full errors and possibly reboots, especially with lots of Tags.
  •  FIXED [ALL] MISC: NTP Event logs were displaying an incorrect "from" time value.

To have a full view of the list, please refer to the release note.

There is an interesting use case for the read-only anonymous feature:
You prevent a user the need to log in twice when accessing a viewON project through the M2Web platform: one login because of M2Web access and the second login for the Ewon device.

We published a document explaining how to create a viewON dashboard that doesn't require a user to log in first to see this dashboard: SSH-0296-00 - Display a viewON dashboard without authentication.

You can download this firmware version through eBuddy or through the manual download.