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HMS presents new remote management solution for gensets — Ewon Netbiter for PowerGen

by Thomas Carlsson | May 27, 2021


The Ewon Netbiter solution from HMS Networks now expands its feature set to make remote management of field equipment even easier. HMS also presents a ready-made starter kit for power generators. 

The power generation sector is getting more and more diverse. There are more generator types to support, more complex fuel tanks and, most importantly, there is a need to plan for a more sustainable long-term solution. The Ewon Netbiter remote management solution is already used by thousands of gensets around the world and has become industry standard for many makers and users of generator sets.

HMS now expands the Netbiter solution to make it even more powerful. New features include: 

  • A Power Generator and Tank Management Starter Kit that has everything needed to get started monitoring a powergen installation with an external fuel tank. It is an out-of-the box solution that get users up and running in 15 minutes.   
  • Condition based logging makes it possible to log data only when needed so data and space are not wasted. 
  • Conditional and Multiple Source Alarms allows users to get control of alarms by utilizing more sources of data to make a complete picture. Receiving too many notifications can dilute the root cause and decrease efficiency. 
  • Basic Alarm Logic Control makes it possible to use alarms and events to directly control local actions. For example, if an error occurs, you can sound an alarm or flash a light.
  • Customer data channel – Send data directly from the Netbiter gateway to any system – local or in the cloud. 
  • Basic Data Calculations – This gives users the ability to run function blocks. The focus is to add predefined calculation-based features.  For example, it is possible to have complex tank shapes and still use a simple ultrasonic sensor to monitor fuel levels.  It is also possible to calculate estimated fuel consumption rates.

The Netbiter Starter Kit for Powergen and the new Netbiter features are available as of June 4th. 

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