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Release of the new Ewon Cosy+

by Ludovic Thuin | May 06, 2021
Ewon has released a new device: Ewon Cosy+. The Ewon Cosy+ has a main focus: the security but also brings other major improvements.

Ewon has released a new device: the Ewon Cosy+.

One model is available for now: Ewon Cosy+ with 4 ports Ethernet switch (4*RJ45: 1 LAN and 3 WAN/LAN) with the following part number: EC71330_00MA.



The Ewon Cosy+ has a main focus: the security.

With the Ewon Cosy+, we embedded a new security chip which is responsible of one thing (and one only): to keep secrets.

These secrets can be a certificate, a key, ... anything that is needed for the Ewon Cosy+ to establish a secure environment and that needs to be kept secured.

Through this new security chip, we ensure two things:

  • The firmware for an Ewon Cosy+ can not be tampered with.
    The Ewon firmware files are signed thanks to a certificate owned by HMS which means that only firmware files that have been signed by HMS can be installed on an Ewon Cosy+
  • Only a genuine Ewon device can be connected to the Ewon Cloud Services (also called Talk2M).
    As the security chip exchange information with Talk2M, we can verify the identity of the Ewon device requesting a connection to the Ewon Cloud Services.


adm password

The password policy has changed with the Ewon Cosy+.

The password for the adm (administrator) user must follow new password requirements:

  • at least 12 characters
  • among those characters, you must meet at least 3 of the following conditions:
    • a lowercase
    • an uppercase
    • a special
    • a digit

If these requirements are not met, the Ewon Cosy+ will ask you to change the adm password without the possibility to bypass it.

Web interface - password modification


Firmware Update through GUI

To stay secure, stay up to date! And so we eased that process as well.

The Ewon Cosy+ allows you to perform an update of the firmware directly from its web interface.

A new menu is available:

Web interface - firmware update

You can decide either to:

  • activate the automatic update.
    This results in the Ewon Cosy+ performing a check each 24h or after a reboot to see if there is a new update that must be applied.
  • install the latest firmware without activating the automatic update feature.