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20 years connected

by Guillaume d'Aspremont | Jan 12, 2021
In 2001, 20 years ago already, we revolutionized the industry and launched the eWON 4000, an innovative PLC remote access gateway based on Internet communication.

By doing so, we allowed machine builders and factory owners to access their machines wherever and whenever they wanted.

In the last 20 years while staying very focused on delivering easy and secured remote access solutions, we continuously innovated to help our customers access their machines and collect valuable data and insights in order to improve their productivity.

2021 is not only our 20th anniversary, it is also a great opportunity to look forward and capitalize on our deep expertise to lead the market by providing unique easy, secured, and efficient access to your machines and data anywhere anytime.

This is also a great opportunity to thank our customers who use our products and services everyday.

Indeed, over 300.000 devices connected can not be a coincidence! We appreciate always being copied as it forces us to be innovative and lead forward, loyal to our core mission.

The 20 years anniversary is a great opportunity to highlight our long-term commitment and leadership.


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