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Release: Firmware 14.3s0

by Ludovic Thuin | Dec 17, 2020
We publicly released the Ewon firmware 14.3s0 and made it available from public download (eBuddy and manual firmware download).

You can retrieve the firmware 14.3s0 either directly from eBuddy or through the manual firmware download page.

The Ewon firmware 14.3s0 is not a pivot firmware.

What are the major improvements?

  • The Uboot,similar to a computer's BIOS, has been updated to version 2.1.2.
  • A new Profinet DCP Explorer configuration page is now available in the Ewon's web interface. Through this explorer, the Ewon device automatically discovers the Profinet devices on the Ewon network.
  • S73&400 IO server: you are now able to write string tags in one block (instead of register per register).

We also enhanced the firewall rules between WAN, LAN and VPN interfaces for a better security.

If you wish to see the complete list of improvements for v14.3s0, refer to the official release note.