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Live monitoring of machines from mobile devices with Ewon eCatcher Mobile KPIs

by Vivek Mano | May 15, 2020
HMS Networks now announces eCatcher Mobile KPI’s. By using a mobile device with the eCatcher Mobile app for iOS and Android installed, users get a live look into their machines’ status and performance from anywhere in the world.

HMS Networks now announces eCatcher Mobile KPI’s - live mobile monitoring of KPI’s from any machine equipped with an Ewon® Flexy router. By using a mobile device with the eCatcher Mobile app for iOS and Android installed, users get a live look into their machines’ status and performance from anywhere in the world.


eCatcher - press release


Machine builders are constantly looking for new ways to differentiate themselves and to bring additional value to customers. The ability to quickly check machine status and performance is becoming more and more important in the light of digitalization. However, machine builders’ dreams of cloud-based dashboards, alarms and reports from machines in various production sites around the world are often shattered, since it is often too technically complex, time consuming and costly to get an fully accepted, secure and working solution up and running. 


Live KPI’s now provided into the hands of Ewon Flexy users


For users of Ewon Flexy products, this dream now becomes reality thanks to eCatcher Mobile KPI’s, a new end-to-end solution by HMS Networks that brings live machine KPI’s directly to their mobile devices. The solution is based upon the secure, award-winning eCatcher software which establishes remote connections to Ewon-connected machines via the cloud service Talk2M®. HMS has now updated the mobile version for iOS and Android - eCatcher Mobile - to enable presentation of live KPI’s from any machine equipped with an Ewon Flexy. Ewon users will feel at home since this feature is already available in the free browser-based web portal M2Web.


Any Flexy-connected machine can quickly be monitored live


Users start by selecting up to six (6) KPIs from the list of defined machine variables inside each machine-connected Ewon Flexy, and all KPI’s can be set to trig alarms. After a few configuration clicks, the user gets a live view of the chosen KPI’s, enabling instant monitoring of machine status and performance from anywhere in the world following a minimal investment of time and money. The users can see if there are any active KPI alarms and the degree of severity. The alarms are very easy to identify thanks to an intuitive color indication of alarm status depending on alarm severity. And, If a machine reports a critical alarm, the user can instantly create a remote VPN connection over Talk2M to the machine in question for a quick intervention.


“eCatcher Mobile KPI’s is the perfect mobile tool for machine builders to remotely monitor and view their connected machines around the world. Thanks to the live KPI’s made available through eCatcher Mobile, users have a new tool at their fingertips to avoid any production downtime and improve operational efficiency. With this, HMS Networks offers an easy-to-deploy remote monitoring solution to start the machine builders’ digitalization journey.” says Emeline Brouillard, Ewon Product Manager at HMS.


Handy tool for machine builders as well as end users


While eCatcher Mobile KPIs provides an easy path for machine builders to monitor all their machines’ KPIs, it is also a very handy tool for staff working at the corresponding end user facilities - where the machines are located. Here, a machine builder can easily put eCatcher Mobile KPI’s at the disposal of the end user or its system integrator, as an easy-to-use mobile monitoring tool for all connected machines on site. 


For more information, visit our website and the knowledge base articles of our support team.


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