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Release: Firmware 14.2s0

by Ludovic Thuin | May 10, 2020
As of Wednesday, 06 May, we publicly released the Ewon firmware 14.2s0 and made it available from public download (eBuddy and manual firmware download).

You can retrieve the firmware 14.2s0 either directly from eBuddy or through the manual firmware download page.

The Ewon firmware 14.2s0 is not a pivot firmware.

What are the major improvements?

  • "Out of memory" reboot/watchdog: Ewon devices could reboot because the memory was full.
  • Proxy support for MindSphere connector: Ewon Flexy now supports the connection to MindSphere if this connection goes through a proxy.

If you want to see the complete list of improvements for v14.2s0, refer to the official release note.


[UPDATE 08/07/2020]

This firmware version also includes the improvement of the memory management system added since FW14.0s0.

This memory management improvement is highly recommended for applications with heavy use of data logging.

In earlier firmware versions, recorded data points were synchronized at every change with the flash memory.

With this update, recorded data points are synchronized every 10 seconds with the flash memory.

These changes minimize CPU load for data recording and have a positive impact on the Ewon flash memory lifespan.