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Firmware 14.0s02 as replacement of 14.0s01

by Ludovic Thuin | Dec 20, 2019
As of Friday, 20 December, we removed the firmware 14.0s01 from public download (eBuddy and manual firmware download) and published the firmware v14.0s02 as its replacement.
You can retrieve the firmware 14.0s02 either directly from eBuddy or through the manual firmware download page.

The Ewon firmware 14.0s02 is a pivot firmware just as firmware 14.0s01 was.

What are the improvements?
This firmware embeds mainly two fixes:
  • The KPIs displayed on M2Web platform
    We realized that the KPIs displayed on M2Web could disappear from time to time. With firmware 14.0s02, this unavailability has been fixed.
  • The Ewon tags precision
    Firmware 14.0s0 introduced a reduction of the floating tag precision, rendering sometimes fancy values close to the real value. With firmware 14.0s02, the precision/rounding bound to the float type has been highly improved and renders values correctly interpreted.
If you want to see the complete list of improvements for v14.0s02, refer to the official release note.