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i4designer and Ewon Remote Connectivity Solutions team up to help customers unfold the benefits of a connected factory

by User Not Found | Dec 04, 2019
Both brands are within the HMS constellation, a cohesive ecosystem wherein all offered solutions are complementary. And as our galaxy grows, so does the number of opportunities for our customers.




A first step towards Digital Transformation

The combination between our multiprotocol IIoT gateways and Talk2M, our industrial connectivity cloud, enables machine manufacturers to easily and securely connect to their machines from anywhere, when it matters. Given the high modularity of the Ewon Flexy, retrieving data from the field has never been so easy.  

However, the real challenge lies more and more in the why and how data are collected, analyzed, refined and finally presented in a visually appealing way. Therefore, we team up with experts, such as WEBfactory, to help you take your first step towards digital transformation. Together, we bring you the expertise to put your operational data at the service of your strategic thinking.

The WEBfactory i4designer to help you design impactful dashboards

The web based Scada solution developed by WEBfactory takes advantage of the modularity of Ewon Gateways to easily retrieve the data from the field. A simple connector using the MQTT capabilities of the Flexy securely transmits all relevant data to WEBfactory i4. Once collected, the i4 products process the data to turn them into actionable OT insights.  

And with the i4designer, you can create, in only a few clicks, impactful dashboards that will help you analyze the overall efficiency of your equipment. And since these products are all HTML5-based, all what you need to access your visualization is a web browser, no matter the device.  

Sharing the same motto

At Ewon, our motto is easy and secure. Values that are shared by WEBfactory! There is no need to be an IT expert to configure your Ewon Flexy or create your first i4designer dashboard. The intuitive drag and drop interface of the i4designer provides ready to use diagrams, charts and gauges that will help you visualize your operational data.  

“The Flexy gives us the connectivity to the machine. With our i4 solutions, we help machine builders to easily and quickly design IIoT applications on top of their OT infrastructure.” Bernard Böhrer – CEO WEBfactory


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