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Firmware 14.0s01 as replacement of 14.0s0

by User Not Found | Nov 25, 2019
On Friday, 22 November, we removed the firmware 14.0s0 from public download (eBuddy and manual firmware download) and replaced it by firmware 14.0s01.

This news is outdated
This Ewon firmware version is no longer available. Refer to the Ewon Firmware 14.0s02 - News.

On Wednesday, 13 November, we released a major version of the Ewon firmware: v14.0s0.

On Friday, 22 November, we removed the firmware 14.0s0 from public download (eBuddy and manual firmware download) and replaced it by firmware 14.0s01.

If the Ewon firmware 14.0s0 embeds a lot of improvements and fixes, it also introduces, during the firmware update process, an issue impacting the historical data.

To whom is addressed this news?
The following content targets people that have downloaded the firmware 14.0s0 - when it was still available online - but haven't updated their Ewon devices yet.

We recommend those people to delete the firmware 14.0s0 file and download the newest version: 14.0s01.

As firmware 14.0s0 can no longer be downloaded, all other people can update seamlessly their Ewon devices to 14.0s01.

What's the issue?
The issue consists in a loss of the historical data (historical logs, events logs and historical alarms) embedded in the Ewon device prior to the firmware update.

When does the issue occur?
The issue happens when the following conditions are met:
  • The Ewon already embeds historical data.
  • The user upgrades an Ewon from firmware v13#s# (or lower) to version 14.0s0.
The following message is displayed in the event log when the issue occurs: Invalid BG size.

Even if the Ewon has its historical data erased, it is important to notice that the Ewon runs nonetheless as it should after the update.

This means that if you have an Ewon "out-of-the-box" or if your Ewon doesn't have historical data, there is no risk for your Ewon to run firmware 14.0s0.

What's the solution?
This firmware 14.0s01 is the replacement of the 14.0s0.

Different solutions exist depending on the chosen update process:
  • Using FTP or SD card commissioning:
    • Delete the firmware file 14.0s0.
    • Download firmware 14.0s01 (eitheir through eBuddy or dedicated web page).
    • Proceed with the commissioning.
  • Using eBuddy:
    • Update your eBuddy software (Tools > Update eBuddy): FW 14.0s0 will be tagged as deprecated.
    • Proceed as usual: update your Ewon device through eBuddy with FW 14.0s01.
If you already updated your Ewon with FW 14.0s0, you can continue as is. However, we recommend updating to firmware 14.0s01.

In conclusion
Enjoy the firmware 14.0s01, available in eBuddy, which comes with the following fixes:
  • FIXED [FLEXY]: Historical data was erased during upgrade to Ewon firmware v14.0s0
  • FIXED [ALL] GUI: Transparent forwarding window wasn't resized to fit its content
  • FIXED [FLEXY205] MISC: USB devices were no longer listed in eCatcher
If you would like to see the complete list for 14.0s0 and 14.0s01, refer to the official release note.