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Pay us a visit at the 2019 edition of SPS – Smart Production Solutions

by User Not Found | Nov 21, 2019
As every year, Ewon will showcase its products at SPS - Smart Production Solutions. Let's meet at the 2019 edition that will take place on 26, 27 and 28 November in Nuremberg. The opportunity to share with an ever more curious audience our latest news in terms of on-demand remote access, local and central operations data collection.
Ewon at SPS 2019 

Easy and Secure Remote Connectivity


No matter where you deploy your machines, you should always be able to easily and securely connect to them. Ewon industrial routers are the perfect illustration of this principle. For more than ten years, our customers have been using our services to reduce their operational costs and improve the efficiency of their machines. Join us on booth 110, Hall 5, to discover, through concrete cases, the many benefits of combining Cosy and Talk2M, our industrial connectivity cloud.

IIoT Solutions for System Integrators


We provide our customers with open, flexible and secure IIoT solutions for collecting and providing secure access to operations data. From raw data collected on a Flexy to insights stored locally on your SCADA, ERP or EMS systems and from insights stored on your company infrastructure to wisdom centrally shared across the cloud, we have the right solutions to support any of your IIoT initiatives. Eager to learn more? Join us on booth 110, Hall 5, to discover the full potential of our local and central data collection solutions.

Factory Monitoring and Control


Through key switch, user, and policy management, we help Factory Owners unfold the benefits of a connected factory floor in a controlled way. HMS Networks also supports you with your plant modernization projects. Curious to see how we can help Factory Owners easily and securely connect to legacy assets? Join us on SPS and discover how the market-leading IIoT gateway can help you prepare your infrastructure to support your operational data project thanks to OPCUA.