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Prerelease: Firmware 14.0s0

by User Not Found | Oct 28, 2019
As of Monday 23/09, you are now able to run a new version of the Ewon firmware labeled as 14.0s0. This new firmware is available as prerelease!

This news is outdated
This Ewon firmware version is no longer in PR state. Refer to the Ewon Firmware 14.0s0 - News.

Firmware 14.0s0 PR

We know you have been waiting for this version 14.0s0 for a long time... The wait has ended. You are now able to download this new firmware version in eBuddy (remember to check the "Enable Pre-release firmware").

There is a lot of new features, fixes, ... You can find hereunder a very short summary of major improvements:

  • ADDED [ALL] GUI: Talk2M Connection Status Wizard added
  • ADDED [FLEXY] TAGS: String tag historization
  • ADDED [FLEXY] TAGS: String tags Rockwell support (DF1 & ABLogix)
  • ADDED [FLEXY] TAGS: Units support
  • ADDED [FLEXY] IOT : Siemens MindSphere data connector
  • ADDED [FLEXY] GUI : Spanish localisation
  • ADDED [FLEXY] JAVA: MQTT status in JAVA (ETK 1.4.4)
  • ADDED [FLEXY] JAVA: String Tags Support (ETK 1.4.4)
  • ADDED [FLEXY] MISC: Flash Memory Management improved
  • ADDED [FLEXY] MISC: Transparent forwarding Target device IP address encoding added

If you wish to learn more and read the whole list of modifications, please refer to the firmware release note.

Multiple documents have been updated to reflect these improvements: